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Free Gambling Tips and Strategies

If you are new to gambling then our free tips and strategies will give you some idea of how to get the most out of your gambling budget. All of our tips are proven to be an effective way of increasing your enjoyment from gaming.

These tips are relevant for both gaming online and at land-based casinos in places such as Las Vegas and Macau.

Our Top 10 Tips for Gambling

Gambling is a form of entertainment and should be treated as such. The amount of players who make their living from casino gambling is very, very small. Here we give you our top ten tips that should give you the basis for a fun and enjoyable gambling experience online and offline.

1. Play with money you can afford to lose
Gambling is just that. You can win but you also have to remember that you can lose. We recommend setting yourself a budget before you begin so that you can easily decide when to stop.

2. Don't play when tired or drinking alcohol
If you play at any casino and you are not in a "thinking" state of mind you can easily get carried away and forget rule number one. It is much easier to walk away when you have a clear head.

3. If you hit a losing streak, call it a day
If you find yourself on a losing streak it is much better to stop and come back another day instead of playing on in the hope of a change of luck. Also it is not wise to increase you bets if you are losing, this could increase your losses further.

4. When you win, set some money aside
This seems like a clear idea but often we find that players win, only to then return all of the winnings back to the casino. We recommend setting at least some of your winnings aside. Tomorrow is another day, spread out your gambling enjoyment over a longer time.

5. Understand the games you are playing
It is of utmost importance that you understand every casino game that YOU play. All online casino have a section on game rules where you can brush up on your information. This way you will not miss any chances of winning because you did not know what to do.

6. Your bankroll should determine your bet size.
This is completely a personal decision but your bankroll size should affect the size of the bets that you place. We recommend having at least enough to cover around 30 bets on your chosen game.

7. Winning Streaks
When you hit a winning streak be wary of suddenly increasing your bets. Make small increases and if you continue winning continue making small increases. This way you will not reverse your winnings in one or two big bets. All winning streaks will end.

8. Please don't buy gambling systems
There is no system that will teach you how to beat the casinos all the time. If there was the people selling them would use them to make money and not rely on selling them. Buying systems is a waste of money you could have played and won with!

9. It is unlikely you have psychic powers
There seem to be a large group of players who believe that they "know" when the next jackpot will hit or the next card to be dealt (Card counting does not work online). If you firmly believe that you have such powers please send us next weeks lottery numbers by clicking here.

10. Enjoy your time playing.
This should be your number one goal every time you visit a casino. Entertainment is the key, win or lose as long as you have a good time then you should be happy. 

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