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Slot Machines Guide

Slot Machines

Slot machines are probably the most popular form of casino game worldwide. They offer the chance at winning big prizes for a small bet and are fast paced. In the UK slots are known as fruit machines while down under they are called pokies.

The house edge on slot machines tends to range from anywhere between 1% and 17%.

How To Play Slots

While there are countless variations of slot machines they all sharethe same playing principals. You insert coins or credits, choose how much you want to bet and press the spin button. The reels then spin, when they come to a stop you either win or lose, depending on the displayed symbols.

Many of the newer video slots and almost all progresive games require you to play max bet to either win the jackpot of the bonus game. Max bet is simply the maximum amount of coins you can play. You will always see a max bet button, simply press this to be sure you qualify for the best winning chances.

The Different Types Of Slot Machines

There are several distinct categories of slot machines ranging from the standard three reel casino slots to the multi line bonus game video slot machines.

Three Reel Slots - Much like the spinning reel slots seen in casinos in Las Vegas
Multi-line Slots - These slot machines have more than one winning line
Progressive Slots - The top jackpot grows as people play until won.
Video Slots - These games generaly have 5 reels and a video screen
Bonus Game Slots - You will find an additional way to win on these games

How Slot Machines Work

Although they may look different all modern slot machines work the same way. All slot machines including single pay line, multiple pay line, video slots and even slot machines on the Internet share the same basic computer program.

In every slot machine is a computer chip that generates random numbers. A random number generator or "R.N.G". When you press the play button, pull the handle or click your mouse a random number is generated and this number is then converted by the machine to show you either a win or a loss.

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